When Being Petty Goes Wrong

By now y'all know that when it comes to being petty I have a doctorate and 2 PHD's but even I know when not to be petty because there are cases where it can work against you. The art of being petty isn't as easy as people may assume but we'll get to that at another time. For now I will discuss when and why being petty works against you.

This blog came to be when I overheard a certain designer saying that they wouldn't receive business from a particular person/company because of who they do business with which makes absolutely no sense. If that confused you lemme break it down a little simpler... A isn't getting business from B because A does business with C... Better? One reason this doesn't make sense is because its not like all three parties need to be in the same place or even have to know about each other in order for business to go through. Secondly, if you really need a service and you know a person can do it and do it efficiently but you decline simply due to petty reasoning then it hurts or holds up your business. 

The person providing the service loses no sleep or money because what you won't pay him/her for someone else will. Think about that when you're running around trying to find a substitute to do business with because you're being petty. The person who made you want to act petty in the first place probably doesn't know nor care about your decision. In fact, that person might be laughing at you because of it. Having that much control over someone indirectly can be quite entertaining especially if you're a petty soul like me. 

In closing, being petty in this situation is like making yourself the butt of a joke that you started. It doesn't make any sense. Everyone is laughing at you or just plain confused about your reasoning and possibly your business ethics overall.


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