Win - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Mixtape Review)

In an underground era filled with some true lyrical giants, Win seemingly has become one of the most unexpected superstars to come out of the scene in 2017. Starting with one event and one interview in New York earlier this summer, the Bronx MC has set the bar high for his future. He continues with his new project, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing.

"If it ain't about the X, then honestly I do not care... it's my hometown"

If the Bronx is the birthplace of Hip-Hop, Win is looking to be on the front lines as an example of that. Nothing more emotional and evident of that is his the pulse-pounding "Broke Boy", which delivers on a rare fear... a 'rapper' admitting his faults, fear and possible reality. 

But while the lyrical, Mickey Factz-esque "Winnin'" and the transcendent vibe of "Securin' Your Thought" are some of the tape's top cuts, it's the classic throwback feel of the "Engine Number 9" that solidifies Win as a very mainstream worthy artist on the rise.

Enjoy Wolf In Sheep's Clothing via Soundcloud below and also enjoy it on Spotify and Tidal as well.


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