Kazi & Rocket - Neo Yokio

Animation with a blend of music is definitely a niche in the market.  Artist, Mic Dee has exploited this niche. Now, we have Kazi and Rocket exploiting this trend on their latest song, Neo Yokio. The two New York natives have surely been the trend setters in the industry with this song. Let us get into this song. 

Neo Yokio, a hit single, was released about two months ago. Last night, Kazi and Rocket performed this song at Sunnyvale. The highlight of this song is the rhyming scheme. The rhyming scheme of the two allows the song to flow perfectly.  By adding a rhyme at the end of each line,  Kazi was able to depict an enjoyable lifestyle.  It was only right to add his friend, Rocket, who also emphasizes an enjoyable lifestyle. Rocket did this with a fast pace delivery on the track. That is what we call a Power Duo. 

Without further ado, we present, Neo Yokio!


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