Sam Setton - My City

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New York City might have a new genre coming. It is a fusion of Electronica and Pop. Who is to blame for this? Sam Setton, a new and hip artist from Brooklyn, is turning the industry upside down. With his versatility to blend various genres, Sam Setton captures a new niche in New York. Only time will tell until the city is really bumping his tracks. 

After his interview with me, Sam Setton explained the true meaning of his single, My City. This single was off his most recent EP, Renegade. In this song, you can tell how much Sam Setton appreciates New York. From the delivery to the lyrics,  there's a deep connection between Sam Setton and New York. New York contains memories, but it also opens door for Same to live and achieve his dreams. Tell me what city can do that! 

If you love New York,  stand up and listen to My City below. 


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