Kay Anthony - Demons/Paranoia

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Someone: Wait a minute! Who's this guy?

Voicelessmusic: Oh that's Kay Anthony! He's a new storyteller from Brooklyn who has a lot to talk about, especially on his songs Demons and Paranoia! He and other individuals are bringing back that "conscious rap"  we all love. TSo let us, Voicelessmusic gives a review on his songs!

After his guest appearance on The Undergroud Collection, Last year, Kay Anthony released the video to his hit single, Demons/Paranoia. There's a lot of great things going on in the video, but the most important part of it all is the lyricism. Kay Anthony uses gritty words like Pusha T to hint at these demons coming after him.  He is battling with these demons to be successful. He sees these demons in his musical career and even his personal life. They are all trying to guide Kay Anthony to the wrong direction.  However, you think he's going to go that path, Nah! He knows what he has to do, so he expresses through rap to raise awareness that artists and people have these Demons as well.

You can find Kay Anthony on all streaming platforms and social medias, but without further a due we introduce you to Demons/Paranoia video!


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