Meet the VODU Tribe

New EP, but same energy. Ya boy Majik returned to Kickin It w. D.J. A.O.and brings a whole EP with him. With the aid of DJ Old Milk, we looked to dissect the meaning behind his EP, VODU, and saw Ya Boy Majik  progression.

VODU, value on do you, is something Ya Boy Majik  is preaching for 2018. When he last came on the show, we discussed his progression to a more mature and developed artist. Now, Ya Boy Majik is done growing as an artist and is ready to work.  There is only one way to work and its is through collective work he will be able to get the job done. 
VODU is a 5 track EP where Ya Boy Majik walks us through the concepts such as karma, love, and pain.  The songs to keep on your radar is The Potion and The Puppetry .  These songs have an uptempo beat and powerful messages. You can find V.O.D.U on all streaming platforms! I'm telling you this project is not to be slipped on, so definitely go check it out.

For more information on the meaning of VODU, listen to this dope interview by DJ Old Milk and I.



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