Poiison - Unemotional Freak (Album/EP Review)

First things first, we've been living under a rock when it comes to featuring new artists to our website and for that, we apologize. However, when an artist such as Poiison gets delivered to you... you have to apologize to her and yourself for not hearing Unemotional Freak much sooner.

First and foremost, we receive this project in parts so bare with us as we take a very enigmatic travel through some of the most unconventional sounds heard in a long time. That describes our first taste, "12:54", which is more that a stereotypical turn up track. This is female lyricism on molly with much alcohol induced. This is what some of what you 'new era' artist TRY to do and Poiison has already done for you. You're welcome.

But it's more than just the emotionally driven, drop top crusing "#Feelings Off" or the sexually seductive love maker in "In The Mood" that makes this some of the most consistent content we've received this year... its our favorite stand out track...

Fueled somewhere between what The Weekend wish he could be lyrically to a vibe that would make Drake blush, "Pills For The Pain" has the sound equivalent to what fuels this generation's music, just BETTER!

You don't have to take our word for it, but if you do, then you know Poiison's Unemotional Freak is worth the purchase (which you can do so via iTunes here).

This is our apology. Take it or leave it. But leave Poiison here. Thanks.


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