Titus Makin- Suicide

Man, the pop genre is about to be shaken up, by a new artist emerging artist name Titus Makin! All the way from California, Titus Makin brings electrifying energy to his music that embodies the mainstream pop music and brings those values to the independent scene.  Voicelessmusic covers his new single, Suicide, which is set to be off his EP, "Lean". So let's get into Suicide.

About a month ago, Titus Makin released the music video to his hit single, Suicide. In this music video, he explains the pain of letting go of that special someone.  We see how much Titus values love and relationships. These key values are explicitly clear in this song and the visuals by Jake Williams, only emphasize the importance of these values for Titus Makin.  It is definitely hard to let go, but we at Voicelessmusic is not willing to give up on Titus for the love is real for his music. A lot of passion that ultimately makes the song a summer hit.

You can hear all of Titus Makin songs on Spotify and Itunes

So let's not keep you waiting, here is the visual to Suicide!


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