Lusive - Frxxdom (EP Review)

For some, Black History Month ended the moment the calendar turned March 1st. But former Darkside Radio host keeps us on point with his latest EP, Frxxdom

A long time since we've heard from the "Hella Lit" MC really bring his all, but the featured song played a few weeks ago on WVMR NY, "Vic Damone", can show you that Lusive isn't hear for games. With the mob boss mentality, the pulse pounding track gives us what we missing. 

But outside of the title track "Frxxdom" and the very top-down vibes of "Get It", our favorite track has to be the deep, heartfelt and relatable "Self Employed" that should be not just an anthem of the 'grinding artist' but the theme song of those looking to be the future entrepreneurs of the world.

If this isn't Lusive's most impressive work, then we can only wait until we get the full project which we can only hope is coming soon. 


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