Nik Moody - Big Brother

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We all need that someone to watch over our mistakes. I think for artists, maybe Nik Moody, can be that special brother for a lot of you guys.  Nik Moody is a storyteller from Long Island who has a lot to teach us.  From delivery to lyricism,  Nik Moody has it all for a storyteller and now, Voicelessmusic had a chance to listen to Nik Moody and give our thoughts about his latest song, Big Brother.   So here we go! 

Nik Moody released his song, Big Brother, about three weeks ago and it has been on repeat. Why? The story behind Big Brother is amazing. Nik Moody talks about someone who may have passed away teaching others about their past mistakes. Some of these lessons are overdose,  binge drinking, and other moving topics that are relative to today's society. Even though the person is not there, they are teaching lessons to others so others don't end in the situation.  With great word choice and delivery, Nik Moody was able to convey all these in his single.  An amazing job.

We can't keep bragging how awesome this song is, so we are to have you guys listen. Remember it's on all streaming platforms.  Here is Big Brother by Nik Moody.


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