Easter Bunny delivers Voicelessmusic Tunes for April

Last month was extremely successful for the playlist! Our playlist got  about 1,726 plays for the first month . That is fucking amazing! SO let's keep the fucking energy! This month we got some new independent & unsigned artists from all over New York and from different genres.  Remember, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery,  so encourage followers, share and repost because they help.  For more details, check out the article, Spotify Cheat Codes.

So let's introduce you guys to the music for this month. This month we have:

  1. Amazing Savings- True Pax
  2. City Love- Wan Blvd 
  3. Ariane ft Presto - Dizzy Got Bands 
  4. W.2.Y.H.- Razzle, Ryan Bevolo 
  5. Real Ones- Klassik Poet 
  6. The Puppetry- Ya Boy Majik 
  7. Professional Lovers- Jared Lee 
  8. Taking Me Back- Josh X
  9. Love Song- Rahh Young 
  10. Big Brother- NikMoody 
  11. 365- Bryan Joon 
  12. Making of a Legend- Richard Pigkaso 
  13. Taking the L- Flotus 
  14. Live Love Questions- Verse 
  15. Hyperfocus- Tanksley  
  16. 23- Seth Dollar 
  17. Sidechick- Chozus, Dizzy Got Bands
  18. Movin On- Corvaa 
  19. Simple Things- ShaaisLike
  20. Got My Back- Lorna Dea

These artists have some dope projects. Make sure to follow these artists on their social media and Spotify page because they are lit. Comment, Repost, Share, and let us know if these songs bump. Here we go April's Tunes below!