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It's not about the hook but it's the VERSE! The verse is what tells the story, but it also is the answer the industry. I guess that is how, Bronx rapper, VerSe got his name. VerSe is a story teller who released a dope single called "Live Love Questions" where he unpacks a powerful story and Voicelessmusic had a chance to review it. Here we go!

Live Love Question is one of VerSe's most moving songs we have heard so far. In this song, Verse sits us down and talks to us about the struggles in his life. These struggles involve not going to college,  relationships with spouses, and even raising a child. VerSe thinks that maybe drinking  his way out of these struggles will bring him happiness and tranquility. It is not the case.  It is VerSe's lyricism and way of storytelling that solves these doubts.  Even though, these struggles are annoying ,  VerSe uses the power of music to leave the doubt and look forward to a better day.  Powerful!

Make sure to follow VerSe on all streaming platforms as he will reveal more music, but without further a due,  we present you guys with, "Live Love Question", Hope you enjoy! 


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