What Is Stage Syndrome & Do You Have It?

In my years of being in this industry I've noticed certain things and one thing I've come to see is something I've classified as "Stage Syndrome". What is "Stage Syndrome you ask? Well I thought a visual explanation would give you a clear idea of what I'm talking about.

When an artist is on stage they tend to usually be higher up so the audience can see them although there are occasions when that's not the case and artist are on ground level. (Take for instance "Bushwick Public House"). An artist being at a higher level than the audience means of course that they must lower their heads in order to make eye contact with them. That's very good because eye contact is important but when it comes to making a video that is something that cannot happen. As you see in this video Lil Bri has a bad habit of lowering her head which is something that her manager, JD, and Keke Palmer noticed.

Artist... practice rapping in front of a mirror. Concentrate on making eye contact with just yourself. You might be surprised to find out how many times you take your eyes off of yourself or lower your head without noticing. 


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