Hookz Murdock Gauntlet Series Pt 1of 6: Mind Stone

Hookz Murdock is a very talented Hip-Hop artist but one thing that vastly sets him apart from other artist is his affinity for comic book and superhero culture. If you missed his last project "The Adventures Of" then you missed out on a great project as well as some creative tracks with a superhero themes behind them which actually brings us here to the present. In light of The Avengers: Infinity War, Hookz has decided to drop a new song every week that deals with The Infinity Stones. For those of you non superhero/comic book savvy people out there I will break it down for ya'll.

What are The Infinity Stones exactly? What was originally referred to as The Soul Gems and then later changed to The Infinity Gems but is now commonly called Infinity Stones are six extremely powerful gems in the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) .When used together it makes the wielder omnipotent and omniscience. First up on Hookz hitlist is The Mind Stone.

What does The Mind Stone do or what is it about? When used The Mind Stone can control the minds of anyone the wielder chooses to use it on. It can also be used to give sentience like Vision and Ultron. It also has capabilities to give or enhance powers like The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for example. (In all actuality they're mutants but to fit MCU story line they needed to change certain things so they could have a way to be introduced).

Okay so with all of that out of the way lets get into the actual track shall we? Hookz' approach at first went over my head but as I spoke with him and re-listened to the track I see where he was going with this. The track explains the cost of wielding something of such power. The change in mental state as well as the bravado and cockiness of having such power at your disposal. It has a slightly chopped and screwed sound meshed with NY style so its really interesting to hear.


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