Hookz Murdock Gauntlet Series Pt. 2 of 6: The Space Stone

As the saga continues we move on to The Space stone in Hookz Infinity Series. The Space Stone grants the wielder the ability to exist in any location as well as move any object throughout space. It also grants the ability to transport whoever to any place they can imagine. It increases your speed and changes the distance between objects basically making all laws of physics invalid. Lastly, It gives the wielder omnipresence meaning they can be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.

With this newfound knowledge lets now go to Hookz new track "Space". Here we see Hookz using it to find that special one. As he searches far and wide he lets her know he can take her to the stars... which is not figurative considering what The Space Stone is capable of. If you pay attention the references used to the girl she feels like he's reading her mind which implies him possibly using The Mind Stone that he was rapping about last week. Its actually a quite beautiful song if you have a special someone to dedicate it to. What's special to note here is that with all the power he possesses with The Space Stone and the ability to teleport anywhere imaginable and even unimaginable he simply just wants her to be his gravity and hold him down. 


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