HtPkt-I Wanna Know(HtPkt Remix)

When you can get a remix of ya song from HtPkt, you know you going places.  HtPkt is a DJ , producer, and songwriter who is not holding back this month with his remix, "I Wanna Know", and we had a chance to give a Voicelessmusic take on it. 

HtPkt teamed up with NOTD and Bea Miller to come out with a remix to "I Wanna Know". This pop song has the clubs bumping with hard instrumentals and a great build up. As a DJ and a producer, HtPkt knew that he could get his brand out there more by adding his twist to the song. The original song already hit over 100,000 plays,now, with an HtPkt, spin who knows where it will go?! 

HtPkt can be found on all streaming platforms.  So if you wanna know who HtPkt is? Go bump that song below! 


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