Jazzmyan Red- If I had a Daughter

We all need a mentor in our life and Jazzmyan Red is trying to be there for the people. Jazzmyan Red, a Massachusetts artist, has a lot of emotion and a ton of stories to tell to us.   She tells us a great story on her newest single, "If I had a Daughter", and we had a chance to review it now! 

Off her album, "Writing Her Story", Jazzmyan Red released the visuals to "If I had a Daughter".  One message that came across the entire video and song was empowerment to motherhood.  Jazzmyan was having a conversation to a daughter she wish she had. She wanted to teach her so many aspects and lessons of life, so the daughter can grow up to light up the world.  This song was not only to tell a story in Jazzmyan perspective, but to raise conversation within the community about miscarriage rates and the urban community.  What an excellent piece! 

Jazzmyan Red's "If I had a Daughter" can be found on all streaming platforms.  So, now we present to you guys the visuals to "If I had a Daughter" below. Thanks for reading. 


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