Amplified- I am

The Bay Area is known for a ton of music, but do they know about the rising Hip-Hop star name Amplified? Amplified is a 23 year old star, who blends various genres to help his listeners discover themselves and discover him.  On his latest single, "I am", he was able to do that and Voiceless Music had a chance to review it. 

The single "I am" was released about 3 weeks ago and has reached many places like New York.  What is significant about the song "I am" is how Amplified displays his lyricism and delivery.  He talks about being the perfect form of himself.  By removing certain people out of his life, he believes that he can accomplish more. As a result,  he is able to truly discover himself as an artist. He was able to do this through a melodic flow and catchy harmonies.  We have seen artists do this before, but not in an Amplified way. Great work. 

Amplified can be found on all streaming services. So if you want to find out more about him, let him tell who he is on "I am" below. 


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