Frank Knight w/ DJ J-Ronin - S4 Cipher (feat. Mike Larry Draw, Godsplan, Mastermine) (Official Video)

After causing a stir with his "Nikon Vision" flip of Jaden Smith's now gold standard single, former Voiceless Music Awards winner Frank Knight is pushing forward strong with the promotion on his latest effort, The Water of Musa.

 But the frequent France flyer has always kept the roots to being one of the illest to ever freestyle on any platform. Continuing to prove that and set a standard, Knight is joined by Mike Larry Draw, Godsplan, and consistent collaborator Mastermine with today's feature. 

Filled with a plethora of lyricism, undertones and entendres, we deliver to you the "S4 Cipher" presented by DJ J-Ronin and shot by the good folks of Jon John TV! Enjoy.


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