Landon Wordswell & DJ Surebert - The Numbers Game

We try to express our pains and thoughts through opinions, but it is clearly a number's game.  The duo, DJ Surebert and MC Landon Wordswell, understood this well and took the pen and paper to create a new single called, "The Number's Game". Now Voiceless Music take honor in reviewing it.  

About a month ago, the duo released the single "The Number's Game".  The duo gave us a glimpse of the message behind their upcoming album. One of the main messages deal with survival.  There are a lot of obstacles people of color must over come. Racism and Incarceration are just some of the things to survive. By 2bringing in artist,  Michael Bernier, it only completed the powerful song.  

The duo, Landon Wordswell and DJ Surebert, can be found everywhere.  So dial in as they reveal their single, "The Number's Game". Now!


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