Live Johnson - Living Legend (Album Review)

We thought we were going to watch Live Johnson ride off into the sunset since dropping #OneManBand. But sure enough, with a crown titled, we were told to 'feel no way' and hail the return of a 'living legend'. 

While we feel #OneManBand was some of Live's best work, Living Legend is one of his most experimental projects as we get a little taste of everything. For example, a refreshing form of cockiness and boasting slaps on "Wait For It" which delivers on the Queens' MC's grind paying off. 

But going through some Jay Z-vibe samples as Live tip toes along the lines of his Reasonable Doubt, "The Return" lets the spark fly (no Jubilee)  on pulling off a rare feet for indie artists: turning the social media bullshit into speaking life into the music. 

But two standouts from this album actually gave us a welcome feel from the king of graphics. The 50 Cent-esque "Legendary" which shows the two Voiceless Music Awards nominees with Live and Ray Fame hit us in the head with impressive lyricism. The second favorite, what we feel is our namesake, is "Voiceless" as between all the feels Nikki O's voice gives us, to Scorpio P. remarkable flow, it gives us hope for more tracks between the three coming in the future. 

If you haven't already streamed/purchased Living Legend, please do....
Because for us, its going to make 2019 Voiceless Music Awards nominations VERY difficult.

"I rather paint something grotesque for those who don't know best"

- DJ Mainstream

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