Your June Tunes

It's June people and we got the tunes for you.  In addition, it is also Gemini season. So stand up for all the Geminis celebrating their birthdays.  While you guys are turning up, slip on some of these dope independent artists to get you guys right. Remember, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery,  so encourage followers, share and repost.  For more details, check out the article, Spotify Cheat Codes.

So for this month we have:
  1. Sam Setton- Santiago
  2. Quez- Beavis  
  3. LeekyXIV- Superman (Clue) 
  4. P Saint- All Day 
  5. Kony Brooks, Teddy Grahams- We Ballers
  6. Saay Park- Paradise
  7. Money Magic-  Cash Out
  8. Redcoat Kid- Young Presidents 
  9. Ness Wilson-  Get High 
  10. Juanito Jones- Mature 
  11. Nikko Tesla, Jayce Hightower- Judy Gone 
  12. Jalil- Oscar Proud 
  13. ItzWonderfull- 4 Leaf Clover
  14. Ashoh Black!- My Bounce
  15. Generic Tha Character- Rubik's Cube 
  16. Amsterdam- Danny Ainge 
  17. Leo Simone- Rubberband$
  18. Tatianna Owens- Happy Cloud
  19. Live Johnson, Ray Fame, Lex Banton- Legendary 
  20. B.Rhodes-Relax
  21. Shalane Gross- Currently 
These artists have some dope projects. Make sure to follow them on their social media and Spotify page because they are lit. Comment, Repost, Share, and let us know if these songs bump. Dial your ears in as we get down!


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