#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: Leeky- @Leekyxiv

Every artist needs something that is going to make them stand out from the rest. Think about it.. Kanye West is known for his outbursts and unpredictable personality, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert are known for their questionable fashion choices, and 6ix9ine is known for outrageous appearance. Something always sets them apart from the rest, and Leeky has done that as well. 

Around the 315, the 14th of every month is growing popularity. Leeky can take full credit for this due to his recent branding of the day as "Leeky Day". Each month on the 14th day at any time fans can expect something from this upstate artist.

Leeky started making music during the end of his freshman year as simply an outlet for him after he had torn his ACL and could no longer play basketball. It slowly progressed in the years since into a very serious aspect of his life. "I always loved basketball more than anything. I never thought I'd love anything else as much but music is quickly becoming just as important to me." said the artist.

March 14th started Leeky's rise with the release of his first project entitled 'XIV'. The tape includes hit songs like 'Superman' and 'DTM' and features from fellow upstate artist Generic & KayJay

Working closely with Tha Bakery, Leeky has also begun putting out some amazing visuals including the most recent video for his single 'Repeat

It's only up from here for Leeky. In September the artist plans to release his sophomore album. He also plans to perform as much as possible and release more visuals for his fans. 

Stay tuned to this very unique artist, you won't wanna miss a second!



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