Change Clothes... And Go!

Your clothes and style say a lot about you and your brand. Some people know this and move accordingly while others don't. Whether its because they rather let their music be the deciding factor for their likability or they are just plain oblivious to the importance of how ones outfit and overall wardrobe is to their music career.

This post was spawned by a conversation with my gorgeous girlfriend after she attended an event I recently hosted. It was the same venue we were a few months ago which jogged her memory of a certain artist that dressed in a way that didn't compliment the type of music he was delivering. Everyone is entitled to dress comfortably or in a way that will draw attention to them (Exhibit A... Young Thug) but to get better results you wanna make sure that your attire reflects the genre and message you're trying to get across. 

Think of how crazy it would be if you were at a showcase and hear a christian rapper is performing next but he/she gets up there and has nothing but gang colors and bandannas on. Its a little difficult to buy into ones music/brand even before he/she opens their mouth. All music, lyrics and skills aside people begin passing judgement as soon as they lay eyes on you in this business and there I say it in life as a whole. You wouldn't show up to a business meeting in a Nike track suit would you? Its all about dressing the part and knowing the difference between being creative with your style and fashion sense and going overboard and messing up your brand.

There's no clear cut rules here. You are free to dress as you like but be warned that there is positive and negative consequences for it. Above I have posted four images where in my opinion there is two clear fashion fails and two where their content of music and demeanor/attire reflect perfectly. You decide which ones is which.


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