Wan Blvd- Espy

"Are you really living life? Don't you lie right now.."

Imagine a case of writers block leading to your most successful song thus far in your career.. crazy right? Well that's exactly what happened to rising popstar Wan Blvd with his newest single 'Espy'. 

Following the release on July 2nd, Voiceless Music was happy to announce they were one of the first businesses to give Espy media attention after featuring it on their July playlist. On top of that playlist, the song has been added to 365 others including one that has 24 thousand monthly listeners, where the song will be alongside some of the most popular artists in the industry. 

In the almost three weeks since the release, Espy has blown up all over. With over 3 thousand streams on Spotify alone, and another 2.5 thousand on SoundCloud the song is easily the artists biggest success in his short career. The song has also had endorsements from trending celebrities including Freakabritt and Queen Naija

The idea for this song is quite different than most would think. After a writer's block that was described as "days long and very frustrating" by the artist, he heard the beat and just started thinking about vacation. Going to Cali & getting on a jet ski was all that was on Wan's mind. 

The hustle doesn't stop here for the Queens artist, the remainder of his freshman year is going to be very big for Wan. Although he plans to push back the release of his debut EP, he plans to continue to give his fans more to be excited about. There will be an Espy video shot in California, more singles, and many (MANY) more visuals. 

Wan Blvd hopes for nothing more than the opportunity to continue to tell his story and connect with his fans. As long as he's still able to express himself and be creative through his music he'll continue chasing his dreams!  



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