2 Words For Mumble Rappers: Relevancy/Debate Pt. 2

Whats going on everyone! We are back to continue this post about the sub genre that is Mumble Rap. Previously I spoke about relevancy and how the lack of it so far in this sub genre is probably why they aren't taken seriously in some peoples eyes. This segment deals with relevancy but in a different aspect. The aspect I am referring to is pop culture. A few examples I will be using here to explain my point is Jay-Z, Mickey Factz & Hookz Murdock. These three in their own right take their craft seriously and know how to feed off of what is going on around them to fuel their punchlines and bars.

"I'm especially Joe Pesci with the pen" -Jay-Z. This is a line from Jay's song "Threats" which in my opinion is one of my favorite records from that album. I also feel that its one of the most underrated songs from that album but anyway I feel like this line went over some peoples heads. The reason why this line is so fire is because of the origin of where Jay drew this line from in the first place. In 1995  Martin Scorsese directed the movie Casino which starred Robert Dinero, Sharon Stone, James Woods and Joe Pesci. When Jay says I'm especially Joe Pesci with the pen he means that he's a killer with his pen game in music which is a creative line given its origin. watch below...

Moving along we have Hookz Murdock who is without question a product of the 90's. His ability to stay up to date with movie, tv, and comic book culture is on another level. Take the write up I did for him a few months ago for his track "Power". The track is loaded with subtle references to past movies and TV shows that anyone from the 80's and early 90's grew up on. http://www.voicelessmusic.com/2018/06/the-gauntlet-series-pt-3-of-6-power.html If that doesn't make you a believer than check out one of the records that really put him on the map...

Finally we get to Mickey Factz. If you've been following him then you know why I'm using him as an example for this piece. If you haven't then allow me to put you on. Being able to manipulate pop culture references into witty and clever lines is one of the many niches that Mickey Factz possesses. In this freestyle you are about to watch you're going to vividly be able to see the movie, video game and TV show references used in his punchlines with videos that correlate to what is being said. This is the epitome of what Relevancy looks like.

In closing I feel what could enhance the experience and legitimacy if you will of Mumble Rapper is for them to be able to use what's going on around them to their advantage. Whether that be politics, social injustice, movies, TV or any other form of pop culture. This will not only increase their creativity but it will also increase their staying power. By that I mean that people will be able to now relate them to whatever it is they used in their music. A perfect example is these gentlemen I mentioned above. I can't watch "Casino" now without thinking of Jays line, I can't think about Marvel's Infinity War without thinking of Hookz Murdock and I can't think of a lot of video games, movies and shows without thinking about Mickey Factz because of their ability to be able to give new life to these movies/shows through their unique delivery and concepts. 


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