Adriiian- Sum'n Lyte 2 (Album Review)

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"This is that good shit...  Straight outta Brooklyn." Who said that you might ask?! Well I can tell you it wasn't from any old school artist, but Adriiian, himself. Adriiian is an emerging artist from Brooklyn who brings back the liveliness and fun out of Hip-Hop.  He brings diverse sounds, clever rhyming schemes, and a catchy lyricism.  On Friday, he released his first album called "Sum' N Lyte 2" for his listeners and it has been a slept on project so we had a chance to talk about it. 

Adriiian has been hinting at this project ever since his performance at The Voiceless Meet Up.  He quoted, " I got something on the way". However, I didn't think it would be this good. Why I say it's this good?! There is at least one song where you felt connected to.  For me, it was "Too Much" and "Let's boogie". With a strong appreciation for Diddy and Lil Uzi Vert, these track almost sound identical to some of their work.  However, it was Adriiian spin on it that made me realize that it was his work. This is definitely an awesome project and unique for his first album. 

Adriiian can be found on on all social media platforms and his album, "Sum'n Lyte 2"can be found below. Trust me when I tell you, You will be amazed! Enjoy