#BeforeTheIndieVMAs: New 2019 Cyphers Decided; 2019 Awards Dates Determined!

The 2018 Voiceless Music Awards is officially going down August 19th at DOHA Nightclub in Queens, New York and we're excited for all the nominees and upcoming winners!

So with that being said, we are already looking into next years edition! As of this writing, next year's award show will either be held on August 19th or 25th, 2019! So get your planning ready as we turn it up once again!

And like last year, we are already in the middle of featuring this years cyphers from the shows of WVMR New York but next year we are doing this a little different. The 2019 Voiceless Music Awards tagline is "The City Is Mine", and with that we've decided to reinforce that. 

We will be featuring all 5 boros for next year cyphers with the captain(s) of each boro deciding their artists they want featured in the visual! We've already decided Meko Sky & Kony Brooks representing The Bronx and SpecialT and Blackout The Rebel for Queens!

The next 2 captains have been chosen! They are as follows...

Upstate New York
Captain DJ Tiff Dollaz

Long Island
Captain Diddy of Long Island & The Vali Boyz

And while the 2019 Voiceless Music Awards is 365 days away, its only right to begin the hype from now!
For more information on the 2018 edition, or the 2019 edition, email us at admin@voicelessmusic.com today.


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