Nikko Tesla - Black Hill Ave (Album Review)

Personally, Black Hill Ave is a 3 year project in the making. From Gemstone nominations, distribution deals, freestyle competitions and more, I like many have patiently waiting for Nikko Tesla’s project. I am glad to know it was worth the weight (and the wait).

Built on the concept of a location, a strip of block riddled with beef, crime, corruption, love, loss and more, Nikko Tesla paints a traveled picture blurred between light and dark. “A Hustler Utopia” is that introduction needed to show, from jump, this is the ghetto. That’s evident from the stories of riding shotgun through Queens (“Goon Music”) to finding the right chick to be your ride or die (“Judy”) losing her (“Judy’s Gone”) and pocket checking that one nigga that just had to stunt and make him a target (“Maybachc Coup Dreams”).

But my favorite has to be the punchline heavy, bar god, lyrical onslaught in the title track, “Black Hill Ave”, that not only showed me Nikko is still in rare form, but should never be challenged in any battle of any form.

Based of what I’ve heard, this is one of the most solid overall Rap projects put out this year. Enjoy Nikko, THIS is YOUR ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Do remember: Queens get the money.

- DJ Mainstream

Nikko Tesla - Black Hill Ave
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