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Guess who's back from the Bay Area?! TOPE is 
back and he has a new single called, "Never Told You" for the  Voiceless Music fan.  If you remember, "Faithful" was a banger for the artist, let's see what he this new single " Never Told You" will do to us! 

"Never Told You" was released about 3 weeks ago and it has been a complete vibe.  Here, TOPE switches the story for us. In this song, recounts of the tribulation of almost losing his entire music career.  One of those tribulations was TOPE almost losing his entire music library after a showcase in San Francisco. He thought about almost quitting his dream of becoming a successful independent artist. However, he needed to use music as an outlet to tell others to keep going. It definitely got me inspired to keep going! Great song!

TOPE's music can be found on all streaming services and social media, so give him a follow. If you liked, "Faithful", get your ears ready for "Never Told You"! Enjoy.


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