TOPE - Never Told You (Official Video)

There's something about percieverance when it comes to being successful in the business of music. It can bring you much joy and success, or take everything away in an instant. 

Its the story of frequent music contributor, producer extraordinaire and West Coast MC TOPE, who not only had the unfortunate incident of having his laptop stolen last year (yes, with all his music) to now being one of the top featured artist on our 50K a month visitors website while submitting over 15 artists a month to us. 

Yes, TOPE embodies Voiceless Music

"I never told 'bout the time I almost gave up on myself"

To solidify his grind for success, TOPE drops today's visual fresh from a Las Vegas trip that sets the scenery for his first non-sampled song he's ever produced. 

It's the visual to "Never Told You".


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