Voiceless Music Tunes: November Edition

Hey, what's up everybody! It's your girl Cool Chellz and once again Voiceless Music is back with another Spotify playlist for your ears. 

Since, earlier this year, our playlist has broken records for some of the most talented artists in the world. But as of last month, I have become your DJ to chose these amazing artists for your listening pleasure! I've used Spotify on my radio show but also throughout my regular day so it's only perfect I take things over from here.

We start with former WVMR guest Jaquae and his new song "Too Much" and follow up several artists that we've featured on Voiceless Music including Saay Park, Mel Rivers, Leon Marin and more!

As stated previously by Ant The Rebel, the purpose of this playlist is to introduce you guys to these artists. Playlists increases an artist's reach and chance for discovery, so encourage followers, share and repost. For more details check out his previous articles, Spotify Cheat Codes and Apple Cheat Codes!

Check out November's featured artist below.

  1. Jaquae - Too Much (feat. Fetty Wap & YBN Almighty)
  2. Arika Kane - Chains  
  3. Free 5ive - Do U Bad
  4. Mel Rivers - Bent
  5. Ja'Pan Nation - Lit Up (feat. Ruger G & Mike Mo)
  6. Richard Pigkaso - For You
  7. Sour Deez - Ufos
  8. Lusive - Inevitable 
  9. Livvy London - Frontin
  10. Saay Park - No Good
  11. Leon Marin - Thank God
  12. T BARZ - Genesis
  13. Cool Nutz - Rich (feat. Mikey Vegaz)
These are some dope artists and they put in the work to be great.  Definitely follow them on social media. Repost, share, and follow this playlist. We want to hear your thoughts on these artists. 

This is your girl Cool Chellz and this is Voiceless Music Tunes


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