Voiceless Podcasts: Michael Bostic Debuts Podcast, Releases Ep. #1 - Stop Being Toxic

 The talented Michael Bostic has established in his music that he is a multi-faceted artist that seamlessly divides between being and MC and being a singer. 

But today, Bostic has trekked into another realm of entertainment and he announces his new weekly podcast, Thoughts of A Regular Man!

Shifting between real life issues including relationships, money, and of course, the entertainment industry, Thoughts looks to be the artist's way to not only speak his mind but speak the truths most don't want to hear. 

And that holds truth to his debut episode, which Michael discusses a very common dilemma in the world: dealing with toxic people. Posting it here every week, Voiceless Music brings you Thoughts Of A Regular Man #1: Stop Being Toxic below.


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