YSA - PointGuardVision (Official Video)

YSA has overtaken a new outlook in life: he’s got his eyes on the prize, he wants you to join but if you can’t he understands cause Brooklyn got his back.

That’s the concept of today’s feature as the member of the illustrious Lotta Money House gives us LeBron vibes as he gives us not 1, not 2 but 3 visuals in one. With an unrelenting flex throughout all 3 tracks ("Up & Away", "Blowin' Up" and "Aplomb")that gives us a young Kendrick in the making, the MC seems to have found his lane and prepared to lead to a championship.

They say defense win championships but that don’t happen without a 1 with that “PointGuardVision”, and that’s the name of today’s feature below.