Yung Low - The Boy Who Cried Music (EP Review)

Last year, I heard there we're people surprised Yung Low won a Voiceless Music Awards. Fucking Haters. And yet the man who holds the title of Video of The Year seemingly continues to release music you wanna hear. And I'm impressed every time. From Mega Fuzion 'til now.

And today he delivers with his EP, The Boy Who Cried Music.

Ironically, with a name like of a project like that you probably expecting something soft, but Low rarely makes songs that would deem such so please leave now if you don't want to read this review.

Or you can keep reading and be amazed by the outstanding chemistry between him and fellow SQMG member Siano.T on "Show Me" which blends their very distinct sounds into a great leadoff.

 But even with that, Low has always found a rhythm in making that mainstream sound which is what you get from "Ride Or Die", as it delivers on that radio sound with the Brooklyn MC's highly noteworthy flow.

Even with "Mob Shit" with Princely of Star Qualified and the perfect ending track in "Try Me", Yung Low has proven he has some staying power and is more than just a member of a group, but a standout star in the making. 4 tracks? Yeah, it's short, but that just makes me believe this is a warning shot. The best is yet to come.

Continue to hate. His name is Low but you ain't low.

- DJ Mainstream

Yung Low - The Boy Who Cried Music


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