VM New York Debuts New Segment: Hour Of Sound!

With VM New York live and direct, it's time to let you guys know about what's playing on air!

Announced by Sueheidy and DJ Mainstream, The Hour of Sound will air from 2pm - 3pm EST and will feature artists from the streaming service Soundcloud

Taking the elements of former Voiceless Music featured segment, #SoundCloudSundays, each month a new batch of artists never heard before will be featured and receive rotation on VMNY chosen by our owners.

 VoicelessMusic.com will cover the full list of artists before each month playlist! Also exclusive to VM New York, B. Elise drops off a never heard before track: "Propellers", a track you'll only get to hear for 1 WEEK ONLY!

Check out April & May's list below:

Zeke Jaye - Pull Up
Elle Azar - Get Your Hopes Up
T.Real - I Been Working (featuring LeVIII)
Raymond Stevenz - Apply Pressure
Lefty Herrero - Vibrar (feat. Jhoni the Voice)
T-Beck The Mad - Bottom of The Barrel
Quando Rondo - Imperfect Flower
Big Inf - Money Call

Remember, make sure to tune in to VM New York via Voiceless Music's website and hear all the exclusives from your favourite independent artists.


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