VM New York Debuts New Segment: Beats From The Bashment

VMNY continues to grow it’s illustrious segments and music library day by day… and today it comes from the mind of our owner of Voiceless Music, and co-owner of VM New YorkDJ Mainstream!

A longtime fan of reggae, Mainstream has gained an abundance of tracks from his days as a DJ alongside his peers DJ Trueblends & DJ Mastermind when it comes to Reggae & Soca. 

From the classics to the new, Mainstream's library has become VMNY's greatest acquisition. 
And with that, another new segment are created.

And introducing 'Beats From The Bashment', a all-day Sunday Reggae/Soca/Dancehall mashup of songs placed in random that is sure to please all those looking to heat up this summer. 

Tune in tomorrow and every Sunday for 'Beats from The Bashment' starting early at 5 AM... either via our new VMNY app or via VoicelessMusic.com

VMNY on iTunes coming soon!


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