VM New York June Update: Hour Of Sound

When we said we're different than before, we weren't joking. 

VM New York's latest segment, The Hour Of Sound, is one of the more innovative inventions we've had since the station started and continues to transcend! For the month of June, we've chosen 5 more artists that, for one hour, will be the main focus on VMNY's app!

Check out June's Hour Of Sound Playlist below:
Stevo The Weirdo – So Cold
Eso.Xo.Supreme – Salt Water
Libretto & Buscrates – Eternal Ridin’
RAH! vs Sįn⁶  - MI AMOR (feat. Freshwurld)
A1 – Rule The World (Remix)

Tune in TODAY, and everyday weekday for 'This Is The Remix' starting at 2pm listening via VoicelessMusic.com or on the VMNY app on Android devices. 

VMNY on iTunes coming soon!


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