2019 Voiceless Music Awards: Saay Park Reigns Supreme!: Wins Best Collab, Best R&B/Pop Song & Artist of The Year!

The 2019 Voiceless Music Awards live show was subsequently cancelled by owner DJ Mainstream… but it doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate the winners!

Kony Brooks.
Bizzy Bee.

The talent that is the 2019 Voiceless Music Awards has literally catapulted the careers of all previous winners to new heights. Depending on how their music envolved to how they've transcended their image, the title of Mr./Mrs. Voiceless Music is no small feat... 

Today, we crown another.

Saay Park takes 3 awards, winning the most awards this year. First, taking Collab of The Year for "Ready" 

and Best R&B/Pop Song of The Year for "Crazy Sexy Cool"...

And finally, the big award, the 2019 Voiceless Music Awards Artist of the Year!

Congrats to Saay Park as he is now the regining Mr. Voiceless Music!


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