Lio - Scenic Lullaby (Official Video)

Voiceless Music supports all things independent. From music to even our love for the world of professional wrestling.

One person, we’ve always supported over the years on the East Coast is rising star Lio Rush. Once he signed to WWE back in 2017, we all knew he’d be destined for greatness. We also knew he would finally take a skill we knew he’s had for years as a rapper and also put it to the forefront. So while he may not be kicking ass in the ring at the moment, Lio picks back up the mic and not only delivers on his new single but also gives a little visual for the masses who miss the 24-year-old Piece of Gold.

When you got Hip-Hop heads in your comments saying “finally, a wrestler who can rap” you know you’re doing something right… it’s “Scenic Lullaby” here on VM


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