The Status of The 2019 Voiceless Music Awards

Voiceless Music has existed for over 5 years now with my first post on the blog being May 19, 2012.

Since then, I’ve grown the company from a small blog into a radio show, radio station, events company and all around the home for the unsigned artist and the independent businessmen and women of the world to not only display their talent but also their hard work.

A culmination of that was the creation of the Voiceless Music Awards. First started as a blogged show via our website in 2013 turned into a live event since 2016. But due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control at the moment, the 2019 edition, the 5th Annual live edition of the awards show has to be cancelled.

I want to thank LBanks, the curator for Hip Hop Retreat Week for working with me and being understanding of such a difficult decision for me to make. I also want to thank all the artists who’ve been nominated as I know for many of you, THIS is the highlight of your year and THIS (like it was said a few years ago) is your Grammy’s.

Many different factors went into this decision: financial, mental, time management, all of which hindered me from bringing you the best edition of our show possible. With that, we will be announcing the winners via the website and I will personally do my best to present the winners with recognition still (yes, that means physical awards).

With voting closed as of today, I will do my best to announce my next phase in our journey to achieve greatness here at VM and thank you all for being supportive of our company all these years.

Thank you. 

- DJ Mainstream


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