Thoughts Of A Regular Fan: Kwoat - Somewhere In My Feelings

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

I felt all of this when listening to this. Now me as a fan of music, I’m very critical. I will tell you in a quick minute if your single, album, EP, or whatever I'm listening to is trash. But I'm also honest when I hear something dope. This here is dope. Let me tell you why. 

When DJ Mainstream pointed me in the direction of this, I listen with a very open ear, and I wasn't disappointed. From the opening track, In My Feelings, I got Kingdom Hearts vibes, and anyone who knows me knows I love my video games. So I had to hear what comes next. When Bout It came on, I knew that I was listening to something special. It's rare that I get roped in on the first two tracks, but I was hooked. The album is very catchy, but bar filled, so people who like new age hip hop will love it, but the hip hop purist will love it too. Somewhere In My Feelings doesn't just give you that rap vibes though, elements of R&B and Pop music run all through this joint, and just when I thought that it was going to go back to the same old rhetoric of the same old patterns that a lot of rappers fall trap to, Kwoat surprises me. He gives me crazy Travis Scott vibes, and that's a good thing. High and Hurt came on and got me in my feelings, but it's a dope, dope track. To be honest, there's not a bad song on here. I can run through the whole album and not skip a song. Not too many albums are being created nowadays that can say that. By the time Geruda comes on, you're ready to start over from the beginning and listen again. 

If Kwoat keeps this up, some of these artist attempting to do what this brother does may have to find a new niche. 

Standout Tracks - In My Feelings, God, High and Hurt, Gerda. (Really all of them, but these were my favorite.)


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