Lio Rush, Briana Brady & Josiah Williams - The Cypher (Official Video)

by DJ Mainstream

For years, I myself have tried to replicate the original BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher with my own from the Voiceless Music Awards.

However, it ain't always easy to get artists on the same page, let alone in the same room to create greatness. Lucky for us, three incredible artists all rest their talents under the World Wrestling Entertainment banner, more specifically the NXT brand. 

While they may be in the middle of a quote-unquote war with another company, it's obvious they are winning the rap portion of the battle. 

Featuring former Voiceless Music feature Lio Rush, CrossFit athlete and newest signee to the company Briana Brandy and already established Hip-Hop head at NXT, Josiah Williams absolutely DELIVER with their cypher. 

BET, it's your turn.


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