Olive Louise - Fool

by DJ Mainstream

The hardest thing to do in life is being yourself. Especially in the music business. It’s such a facade you gotta play to be someone it’s tough. The one person who isn’t a facade... or gonna be played for a fool is Olive Louise.

The New Yorker has dealt with a lot of strife and tribulations in her journey, Louise brings you a song looking to come back from all the negatives in your life and embracing... well, you.

“I was at a really low point in my life, I had gained weight, was too nervous to run into people I knew for fear of judgment, and felt like some of the people I had been there for the most didn’t want the best for me. It was hard to trust myself and my judgement”

Mastered by the man behind some of the world's biggest artists (Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Cardi B) Chris Gehringer, check out “Fool” below.


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