Voiceless Spotlight: Rock Band Chiwolf First Ever Live Session!

by DJ Mainstream

The great ones have all started somewhere. 

Hayley met the Farro Brothers at school... then became Paramore.
Pieces of other bands and moving parts became the greatness Slipknot.
14-year-olds Billie and Mike went from Sweet Children to Green Day

The point I am making is that it is possible to find like-minded individuals with a-rockin' sound,  harmonic tones and good vibes and form something great. Definition: Chiwolf.

And with Paramore like pop/rock tunes, that very light heavy metal feel you can sense from there like Slipknot but that crossover appeal like Green Day, Chiwolf drops off their VERY EXCLUSIVE video of their practice of their new single, "Heart to Heart", live from Brooklyn's The Sweatshop.

Check out what we hope what Elvin, Jamie, Joel and Victor create become something one day.
Because Voiceless Music will be right here to watch the greatness and put a spotlight on it.


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