DJ Jynn - Toast (Jynn Twerk Flip)

by John Caul

DJ Jynn may be the most underrated mixologist of the turntables on the eastern seaboard.

Between his clever juggles, remixes of some of the industries popular songs and uncanny ability to produce some of music’s untapped instrumentals. But while he’s usually in his bag, Jynn takes time to grace the masses with remixes you didn’t know you needed. And similar to Jynn, Koffee had a quiet but trendy year career-wise as her song “Toast” became the song of two years (release in 2018 but hit the charts in 2019), which then earned her a Grammy nomination in for her EP, Rapture.

To celebrate, Jynn gives us a late Christmas gift that will sure to please the masses into the new year. Check out his “Twerk Flip” remix to “Toast” below.


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