BREAKING: Mor.Bookings Agency Announces Collaborative Tour w/ The Artistry & Dream More Studios!

Here's a simple question all artists should know the answer to: what's one sure fire way artists make money for themselves once they've found success?

The answer is... touring! And capitalizing on that notion is New York based Mor.Bookings Agency who announces an upcoming tour collaboration with Dream More Studios and famed media company The Artistry. Check out their full press release below.

Imagine being an artist who is on the rise but yet struggles with networking outside their hometown. What if your dream of performing internationally and connecting with bigger names becomes possible. Ultimately elevating your music career. Scott Morris, CEO of Mor.Bookings Agency, Asia Golden, Tour Manager and COO of Mor.Bookings Agency, and media personality V-Henny, CEO of The Artistry, decided to use their platform to help artists who want their shot in the spotlight. Along with Dancia and Depbcs from Dream More Studios, have collaborated on this idea and turned it into a reality. This opportunity will provide more of an experience for those whom have not yet branched out. Presenting The Mor.Moves Tour, powered by Mor.bookings Agency, The Artistry and Dream More Studios. 

   The Mor.Moves Tour is meant to motivate artists and elevate their music career by helping them network. Also giving artists the opportunity to grow their fan base by performing outside their hometown. This tour provides 18 dates to perform all around the country and internationally. This is a great way to meet new people and build with one another. This experience includes special performances from artist such as Lil Mopptop, Mikey Polo, Scott Morris, Dep Bcs, Kertasy, K Goddess, Swiftondemand, Azia, Biance Badd , Clay James, Gino the Pharaoh, Zeyi, Lil Mopptop, Reese P and many more. This tour was made for those who truly want to work on their career and succeed.  

   The music industry is tough especially if you are doing things alone. Being involved with this tour makes networking and connecting with bigger names more accessible. If you are an artist wanting to join the tour,  contact (via Instagram) V-Henny (@Vhenny_) and and Scott Morris (@Lifeofsmorris)

We will have more details including how artists can be apart of the tour, tour dates and locations, and more right here on Voiceless Music!