Ham Van Dam - Macc Music (Album Review)

Sometimes we call it fate, other times its happenstance, either way I am sure as people, we realize we cross paths with folks for a reason. For me, it's crossing path's with the Smooth Family Ent's honcho, Ham Van Dam. While I've always been impressed with his lyrical ability, it was his presentation as a man on his former WVMR radio show that woke me up to this man's thought process and presentation. So when I heard he was getting back into music, I knew it was time for him to deliver on one of his best body of music to date: the impressive Macc Music.

Top to bottom, this project... not to sound cliche, has something for everyone. Your bass heavy speaker knockers, your though provoking hymns, even to your exotic toking rhythms but it's more than that. And while most seem to become very prone to falling into a rhythm of sticking to what brought them to the dance, Ham diverts his usual lyrical bar heavy tracks and he beats us in the head with ScHoolboy Q-delivered “Doe Flow” which nothing short of a certified banger which I fully expect to see a visual to.

Spreading thorough Macc Music, you can see the influences that Ham definitely embraces and displays his personality to the masses: the cocky and clam presence of “Top V”, the low key, ‘98 top down in Cali with “Banga” and the disturbing the peace of “Frass Mon”, this is your break the mold, disrupt the system album that you play as your soundtrack at 100 volume.

One of my standouts, “Clouds” can easily be your typical marijuana influenced single but it’s so much more. It’s... do I dare say? Pac-like? While short in delivery, you may have to run one just to understand there’s beauty in this two minute and 55 second beat switching, musical trance.

You don’t have to agree, but when most continue to follow the leader, Han Van Dam is leading the previous generation back to the forefront. And our anthem is simple: Please just let us light our spliff, so we can talk our shit!

- DJ Mainstream

Ham Van Dam - Macc Music


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