BREAKING: Concourse Grand, LLC Takes Ownership of Voiceless Music & It's Subsidaries

In a world where media continues to evolve, expand, and reshape in nature, people must adapt with the times and become a brand that caters to all and in every facet of entertainment and business. 

While Voiceless Music has been the standard bearer for some time now when it comes to entertainment and music with a focus on the unsigned and independent, 2 years ago, we started to reshape ourselves to focus on entrepreneurs, small businesses and more.

To continue that trend, we have officially dissolved our company to be placed under Concourse Grand

Concourse Grand is a New York-based vanity company focus on the development of all forms entertainment, branding and media counseling. With our own DJ Mainstream remaining as President of the company, our blog will become what it was meant to be: a website that strictly focuses on music and entertainment.

Concourse Grand will also be represented by artist/entrepreneur Sueheidy, artist/radio host Blackout The Rebel and filmmaker/videographer Gary Ramsen of Cinema Contrast. For the foreseeable future, Concourse Grand will take on the matters of running any future events with us as sponsor, while also taking the helm on future projects such as a focus on radio and podcasting, media and talent relations, and music ventures. 

Thank you for all who have maintained a relationship with and will continue to provide the best content for all.

For more information on Concourse Grand, please use the following links and email: 

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