Gritty Panda Has Been Down For So Long

Regardless of the lyrics and message an artist delivers I can always give respect to an artist who can effortlessly transition into different stylings and sounds. Gritty Panda is new so we are still trying to pinpoint which is becoming more and more challenging in a very good way because as we can see he can switch his styles up and his new record is no different. "So Long" is calming and soothing with its ambient like sound. Although GP is talking about how he was down for people for so long and they've taken advantage or never appreciated it it still gives off a very peaceful vibe. This is one of those records where you sit by yourself and let it take your mind to where it needs to go as you evaluate your life and where it will go next which vastly differs from previous records like "Goofy" and "Good Vibes". Listen to the man who seems to be able to do it all now and let us know what you think and which record is your favorite so far.


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